problems customizing html_nickless_javasort_lite


Hi everybody,

I'm using html_nickless_javasort_lite and I love it. Really GREAT WORK, nickless (and the others).
But for my purposes it lacks some information.

First I want to add the columns Path and Filename.

Second, especially for my classicals, I wanna export the tags %composer% (in the first column), %conductor% (column 3, after artist) and %location% (after year, making it column 8, I guess). And again path and filename, of course (at the end of the table).

I've already tried it within my means, but my javascript is basically nonexistent and so it just refuses to work :frowning: (always prints one empty row...).

Help of any kind would be thankfully appreciated.

Cheers, urac


I'm glad you like it :slight_smile:

Not sure I understood you correctly, do you want 1 export with everything or 2 different export with all information for classicals and with just path and filename for all other songs?

Maybe I should write something like a howto for this, it is asked over and over again... :unsure:

However, here is a customized version with all information, actually it differs in just 14 lines or so from the original. You may want to change column names etc., but it should work.

nickless (5.01 KB)


I didn't expect help that fast and competent...
You certainly made my day!
It's pretty much what I wanted, I can do the last tweaks by myself.
Very nice.

Cheers, urac


I'm adding my final export scripts...
wouldn't have been possible without nickless (although the mistake I made before was quite silly).
I guess the first one won't help many people because my tagging isn't that common (classicals are flacs with composer, conductor, location), but sharing doesn't hurt.
The other one might be suitable for anyone who wants to know the file's location.

Cheers, urac (4.68 KB) (4.84 KB)