Problems in mp3tag for mac

Hello. First of all i think mp3tag is the best tag software. One big reason for that, is the action fuctions.

I use mp3tag in windows and i just used in mac via wine. But i have 2 issues and one its critical for me.

a) When i double click the file, tell me, cant play, because dont find associate program. How can assosiate a program (for example itunes). This is not very critical for me but i think if it work, its better.

b) VERY CRITICAL ISSUE. I make many actions in windows mp3tag and when i want to copy .mta files in mac wine mp3tag (i found the defaults mta and i paste the new mta files.) the action list dont show them. Still show the default actions.

P.S. Is any plan to make and for mac (i mean without wine etc)

Thanks for your feedback!

a) It's a know issue, thanks for reminding. There is currently no workaround for this.

b) Which directory are you pasting to? Normally it's something like
~/Library/Application Support/de.mp3tag.Mp3tag_151678668227188/drive_c/users/Mp3tag/data/actions

P.S. Yes.