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I have been playing with fields a bit as I am tagging a bunch of classical music for the first time. I tagged flac files with work, movementname, movementnumber, movement(total), grouping and so forth. I then converted them to ALAC (.m$a) and brought them into itunes.

A bunch of tags transferred over, but a bunch did not. Surprisingly WORK transfered, along with common fields like Name (Title), Artist, Album Artist, Year but movement, movementname, grouping did not.

I thought itunes had a Conductor field, but apparently not, so I guess I will have to add that to the artist field as I noticed that if I do a search it will find any name in the artist field.

Anyhow, I would like to get everything transferred over but I realize that Vorbis Comments don't really support all these fields. I do not see the fields in the Mapping chart. So, as a work-around, I was thinking of maybe converting the files to alac (.m4a) and then tagging the files. Would this be a better solution?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to read and have read a bunch here but am still confused on the subject.

I did a quick test by copying the tags I had for the flacs to the .m4as using the cntrl+C and Contrl+V function. I can report that now showmovement, and movement transfered over when tagging the alac files. Movement# (MOVEMENT) and total amont of movement (MOVEMENTTOTAL) did not, which I do not understand why as I used the values found on the chart.

see e.g. this external page on field mappings:

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Thanks once again ohrenkino!!! You are awesome! I will read and report back.

OK. I have been reading a lot and am working on a chart, but things still don't seem to work. When I try to tag the flacs, a lot is lost once they get transferred to alacs. WORK transfers but MOVEMENTNAME, MOVEMENT, MOVEMENTTOTAL do not. When I look at the fields in picard, they are gone, but the original do possess the tag.

I tried converting first to alac (m4a) and had greater success. I was able to get grouping to work by using CONTENTGROUP. So, CONTENTGROUP for alac seems to correspond to grouping in itunes. Everything else worked fine. WORK (alac) = Work in itunes, and MOVEMENTNAME (alac) = Movementname in itunes. MOVEMENTTOTAL & MOVEMENT also work, but not with roman numerals (god I hope I can get the roman numeral conversion script to work, as I was not able to a few days ago. I have A LOT of roman numerals!)

So, I guess I will just convert first and then tag. I really don't understand why everything gets lost when converting from flac to alac unless the vorbiscomment mapping found on ohrenkino's suggestion are wrong. Everything is using the same fields, but apparently they don't. Bummer.

It also sucks that I can't use roman numerals but I guess that it is not that big of a deal. I am just more of a traditionalist and use roman numerals for works with less than 21 movements.

see here:

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See also my followup post. The problem was that I was using dbPoweramp to do batch conversions from FLAC to ALAC and MP4, and it was at that time not doing it correctly. Perhaps they have fixed this by now, but I do this infrequently, so I worked around it by transferring the tags over in mp3tag after using dbPoweramp to convert the files without tags.

(my followup post)

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Thanks, yes I read that post and dB poweramp is what I was using and it seems they may be the culprit. I like your idea of tagging the flacs and then just copying the tags to the Alacs. I just have to make sure I am filling in the right fields. I will keep playing with this and reply once I am sure about things

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Just to make sure the issue is not somewhere else: For Picard to properly support the movement tags you need at least Picard 2.1 or later. Earlier versions do not actually support the movement tags. For FLAC this doesn't matter that much, as the tag names there are just free-form text and are loaded as is. But for MP4 which has specific defined tags the movement tags only show up when properly supported.

Also be aware that the internal tag names in Picard are slightly different then what MP3Tag uses (but the tag names stored in the files are the same for Picard and MP3Tag).

MP3Tag Picard
MOVEMENT movementnumber
MOVEMENTTOTAL movementtotal
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Thanks! As I reported, I think the convertor was the culprit.

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