Problems uninstalling 32-bit version when older 64-bit version on PC

Hi, I have been using Mp3tag on my Windows PC for a good while and have never had a problem with it, until now. It appears I have accidentally installed version 3.19 of the 32-bit version and version 3.18 of the 64-bit version. I want to update to version 3.23 of the 64-bit version.

When I try to install version 3.23, I am told an existing 32-bit installation has been found that needs to be uninstalled.

If I go into Settings/Apps & features, the version that is shown is the 64-bit version, which I don't want to uninstall (don't want to lose the config, but I don't appear to have the option to retain it).

If I go into C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag and run Mp3tagUninstall.exe, I am told to close Mp3tag, but it isn't running! Consequently, I can't uninstall this version.

Any ideas? Thanks

Install the old version,
save the configuration with the function in the File menu.
Uninstall the old version.
Do the same with all older versions.
Install the new version.


The old 64-bit version was already installed so I saved the config then uninstalled the 64-bit version, but did find I had the option to retain the config.

Tried to uninstall the 32-bit version using C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\Mp3tagUninstall.exe and was told, again, to close Mp3tag! It still isn't running.

Installed the latest 32-bit version so it appeared in Settings/Apps & features, then uninstalled it from there.

Successfully installed the latest 64-bit version. Config looks good.

Thanks for the help.