Problems Viewing Cover Art



Using mp3tag I have embedded a bunch of cover art into my mp3 tags. But when I put the songs on my iPod or play them using winamp I am unable to view the cover art when the song is played. Is this perhaps because I am doing something wrong in mp3tag? Am I embedding the cover art incorrectly?

Any help you can give would be excellent. Thanks


Sorry, but I don't have an iPod (or another portable :frowning:) to test this. Is anyone experiencing the same problems?

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~ Florian


Well, the problem also seems to be happening with this winamp skin which is supposed to display song cover art. Perhaps you can try this skin and figure out why embedded cover art does not display. It may be part of the same problem. <-- download the Simple Winamp skin



The skin does not support cover art inside the ID3v2 tag.

To the ipod:
Does itunes show the cover? What software do you use to put the files on the ipod?
ipod doesn't read cover art from tags, the software that does the synchronisation must create thumbnails of the pictures which the ipod uses.