Problems w/discogs - Updated Scripts won't do either

Hi there,

please go easy on me as this is my first post.

I've been using mp3tag for about a year now to tag my recorded vinyl collection. So far I used discogs as their repository appears to be excellent for my collection.

Recently I updated to v2.39. As I couldn't get any connection to discogs anymore, I browsed through the forum and found several threads with updated scripts. I took a bunch of them from eric00000007's post here:


One after another I put them in the user data folder as instructed in the FAQ, but they don't seem to work at all. I cannot see any difference, no matter which script I place there (be it for artist, album or release ID search). Everytime I use the FreeDB button, I get the regular pop-up asking for the artist name. It seems the program connects to discogs, but even with single name artist free of special characters (e.g. "Sting") I get no search results.

Can someone please tell me if I'm missing something? I've been searching through the forum, but could not find any clue.

Any help would be appreciated -- I'm really desperate at this moment :frowning:

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Have you tried using the "official" discogs web source included in the latest Development Build?

Thanks Florian! I installed 2.39c and the discogs search works again like before.

I also could get the scripts working. My fault, as I didn't realize to put them in the actual profile folder in the first place. Instead, I put them in the Mp3tag folder two levels above. :rolleyes:

It wasn't too clear for me when I read the instructions. Using openSourcesDirectory.bat solved this problem in the end.

Sorry for the hassle!