Problems with Comments tag


I'm having real problems getting Mp3tag to write the comments tag for some DJ software I use. I'll try an explain and hopefully someone can help.

The DJ software (Virtual DJ Pro 4.1r2) has limited tag reading, it can only read artist, title and comments. I wanted to have the genre show up in the VDJ software so I've copied the genre into the comments tag for all of my Mp3s.

Everything looks fine in Mp3tag (all of the fields are populated as I need them) but when I look at the comments tag in the VDJ software only some of the mp3s have the comments I entered in Mp3Tag.

It's exactly the same when I look at the comments tags in the Windows XP explorer. Some of the Mp3s have the comments as I added, some have some previous comments that haven't added, some have seemingly random string of numbers like this.

"00000e82 00000000 00005965 00000000 0005cca5 00000000 00008000 00000000 000445c0 00000000"

If i look at the tags in iTunes everything looks fine, it's reading them as I would expect.

For some reason Windows explorer and my DJ software are reading the comment differently.

I've tried all sorts of of things like changing the ID3 tag version using iTunes but can't seem to find anything that works.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Go to "View > Extended tags". You will probably see additional comment fields that contain these numbers.
They are written by itunes to store track normalization data.

Brilliant that done it.

If I remove the extra unwanted tags windows now reads the comments as I need. Perfect.

Thanks, you've saved me a lot of messing around. God bless the internet!