Problems with Cover Art count

Hi all. Even though I am absolutely a newby I have been using MP3tag without any pproblem so far. Kudos to the author :slight_smile:

However now I am suddenly having a problem I can't figure out.

I have new MP3 files to which I want to add a cover art to. I do this using the extended tags dialog. The dialog does not show any cover art to start with, but when I add one it will list on top of the cover art (Cover 2/2). Why is this? There was no cover to start with.

I have also added a Covers column to the the main window and correctly it shows 1 even though I can't see any when I open the extend tags dialog.

Does anybody have a clue of how I get rid of this invisible cover?

My files contains only ID3v2.3. I have selected the options to remove ID3v1 and APE tags and selcted the remove tags command (just in case there were any).

Any help is appreciated.



Sometimes there are files that have an empty cover tag.
If you have such a file, you can try to delete this tag before you add a new cover.

Make a new action "Remove fields" with the value picture
This tries to delete all pictures.
After this cleaning add your new picture.

Yes! That did the trick.

Thanks a lot.