Problems with extended characters

In my music library I have many albums with czech music. Obviously, the tags are in czech language, and use extended characters.
I use Groove Music on my PC, and PowerAmp on my Android phone. I have never had any problems with the display of the special characters.
Recently I installed my music albums on my wife's new Samsung Galaxy A71, and the Samsung Music app is not showing some characters in some albums correctly.
I also installed a new music player app (Pulsar+) on my own phone (Huawei P9), and it too is not displaying everything correctly.
The strange thing is that some albums have some tracks with the problem, but other albums display the same characters correctly.
And of course, PowerAmp on the same phone displays everything correctly.

Can anybody explain what is going on? I can't see anything wrong when I look at the tags using Mp3tag.
Is the problem on my side, but PowerAmp has the ability to tolerate it, or is it a bug in the Pulsar app?

Thanks in advance

In Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg which character encoding you use.
The best would be ID3V2.3 UTF-16

That is the one I am using - must be the default, because I have never looked at it.

I contacted the developer of the 'misbehaving' Android app, and he says it is Android problem.
He has since made a new music player app and the new one is working OK.

An interesting problem anyway. One would think that character coding should not be a problem in 2020.

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