Problems with flac-tags


I have a couple of flac files and with some of them I have Problems. When I e.g. want to delete the Artist name, it appears again. When I write the artistname like "ExampleArtist" once and press return, the artistname appears as "ExampleArtist\\Exampleartist" Here is a picture of it:

Furthermore when I click extended tags I have multiple Artists, Albumnames etc.:

Is there another tag hidden? Do I do something wrong?

Thanks for your help!

I assume you have the same problem as here:

Oh yes, thanks. And sorry I didnt find it before. I thought I have searched all topics containing the word flac...

According to the contents of the topic mentioned above I have solved the problem using foobar 2000. Using foobar, I have been able to completely remove the tags from the flac files. Afterwards I could edit them as usual in mp3tag.