problems with id3v1 & genre "Alt. Rock"


it seems that since some time mp3tag has problems writing "Alt. Rock" in the genre tag for id3v1 tags
but i dont know if Alt. Rock is even a id3v1 compatible genre, you will know better.
its written in id3v2 but not id3v1


Sorry, I missed that post and I'll fix that to the next Development Build.

Thanks for reporting!

~ Florian


I found three more genres that are not written in ID3V1 (tested with V2.17c):
140 - Contemporary Christian (wrong spelled in list: Contemporaray Christian)
141 - Christian Rock
144 - Thrash Metal

Hope you can add them.



Julchen, thanks for reporting. I've just fixed them with the latest Development Build.

Best regards,
~ Florian


sorry Florian but it's Thrash Metal not Trash, please fix it again


Thanks, fixed!