Problems with and MP3Tag



Thank you for the superb program. Up until now I had no problems with it.

Recently I upgraded to version 2.34a and updated some tags on files I had already tagged with prior versions of MP3Tag.

All of a sudden / Audioscrobbler started choking on these changed files, giving the following message:

"Some tracks you submitted have not been added to your profile for the following reason:
The track you submitted appears to be badly tagged - please check the file's tags."

I have tried removing tags from the problematic files, reentering them, and I still get this message.

Any ideas on what has gone wrong here? When the files were tagged with an earlier version of MP3Tag, there were no problems and I never got this message about bad file tags.




What software do you use to submit to anyways?


I use the audioscrobbler plugin for Foobar2000. I hadn't had any problems until I upgraded to 2.34a and changed around some tags.

Regarding the link you posted, I came across that and tried rewriting the tags using the old method. I think the problem still occurred, but I'll give it another shot.


If you use foobar it might be a different reason
What kind of audio files and tag types do use and does foobar read the tags correctly?
Is that error message from the foobar console?

Well this is not something related to Mp3tag
See here


Dano - thank you for your help. I looked on if they had a support section where this problem was discussed, but you found the related information. I think what might be happening is that the date format used in my tags (i.e. MM-DD-YYYY) is not being accepted by audioscrobbler/