Problems with lyrics

Hi guys,

Here is my problem.

Through this topic I downloaded all the file scripts

I extracted them in /data/sources as it is explained in this topic

Ok ... but what do I have to do now??
I don't understand the procedure to download lyrics. I tried it for all the morning without finding any solution (also looking at this forum)!

Thanks for everything!


select all the files from a album and run the script from Mp3Tag with this button:

as far as i see most lyrics scripts are only for one song and not for a whole album. if so, select only one song and run the script.

you find the downloaded lyrics in the tag field UNSYNCEDLYRICS. that field can be displayed by most mediaplayers. maybe you need a extra lyrics plugin for your player to show it.
in mp3tag in can be displayed at the "extended tag" view, press CTRL + T.

Thank you, however it doesn't work!

Your procedure is what I tried this morning.

If I click on that symbol I open the "freedb ID" window, which is the one that I normally use to download tags.
This window has four options: "determine from inserted audio CD", "determine from selected files", "enter", "determine via web search".

Let's say that I start the web search option. I have a list of results "genre / artist / Album" to chose. However, none of them has lyrics included.

If I click a small arrow next to the symbol you posted, I have a list of scripts (is this what it is meant a script??) called,, Music Brainz, Discogs.
Should I have the 5 scripts I downloaded in this list and run one of them? If yes, it means that this is the problem and that just copy and paste them into "data/sources" didn't work...

yes this is the problem. the 5 new scripts should be in this list.
every .src file in the %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources folde is listed as a script there.

  • did you extract the original downloaded .zip files and get the .src files?
  • did you choose the right folder? copy %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources into the adress bar of the windows file explorer. this will get you to the right folder. in this folder there should be already the .src fíles for,, Music Brainz and Discogs. if not, you have the wrong folder.

Thanks a lot!! That was the problem! I was copying it into the wrong folder, another "data\sources" but not the same it appeared copying your link into the address bar!