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Newbie here - I would be grateful for any help on creating an action

I've recently converted over to a DS Music server. In the past I've always tagged tracks in a double album as disk 1 of 1 and numbered the tracks as if they were a single album. On the music server it doesn't like this and it takes my original track 18 (which was track 1 on the second disk) and renamed it to 1\18 - this has screwed up the sort order of the tracks.
So I'm left with 2 choices.. I either renumber them back by taking the digit(s) after the \ or (and this would probably make more sense) I set the disk number for 2 for any tracks containing \
I've tried creating a variety of actions but I'm really struggling..

$ifgreater($strstr(%Track%),'\'),0,2) gives me a syntax error - this is to set the track value
$if($len($trim(%track%))>2,2,1) only returns one value - this is to set the disk number
$ifgreater($strstr(%Track%),'\'),0,'2','1') again a syntax error - this is to set the track value

Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks JK

is invalid syntax, it should be $strstr(%track%,\)
Also, I think that the slash is actually /and not \.
$ifgreater syntax is also invalid as the false part is missing.
So it should be something like

Hi ohrenkino - thank you for the response.

The character is a back slash in the track field (not that that should make a difference to a formula). Not sure how to insert an image...

Screenshot 2021-02-28 101302

I tried adding the following action based on your advice..


The logic being if the Track contains \ set disknumber to 2 otherwise 1

Screenshot 2021-02-28 101735

Unfortunately this action doesn't appear to effect disknumber at all

Thanks JK

You can test such an expression in Convert>Tag-Tag.

I tested $ifgreater($strstr(%Track%,/),0,2,1) on a file with TRACK 10/15 and the result was 2.

The double backslash indicates duplicate track fields. If you inspect them via the extended tag dialog, you should see more than one TRACK field.

You can remove them either manually or by using a Quick Action of type Remove duplicate fields if you want to do this in batch.

Thanks for the reply
Have you tried this with a \ character instead of / as per my screen print. I coped your action and replaced the forward slash with a back slash. On the second row in my screen print - 1\18 it set both the Track and the Discnumber to 1

No. See @Florian 's post about multi-value fields.
I would like to add to that that you can also merge the duplicate fields and use the slash as separator which turn the whole thing into a more standard TRACK field.

Thanks Florian,

If I look at the extended tag dialog I see 2 track fields:

Screenshot 2021-02-28 105408

18 was the original track number before the media server formatted it to 1\18
What will remove duplicate fields do - will it restore the 18? My preferred option is to keep it at 1 and change the disk number but I'm not having much look getting MP3Tag to recognise the \ characters to create a quick action.

I can remove duplicate fields but I end up with 2 x Track 1, 2 x Track 2 etc. I was hoping for a way of setting the disk number automatically before eliminating duplicate tracks. I'm not sure this is possible

That is why I suggested that you use the "Merge duplicate fields" instead and then check what the contents is and manipulate TRACK first.

I tried merging duplicate fields as follows:

Screenshot 2021-02-28 112736

This appears to do nothing - track doesn't change. I'm not sure if this is because I have some tracks that don't have the separator (I ran it across all tracks in the directory)

I've found a fairly fast way to do this manually - manually selecting the records which were on disk 2 then applying an action on those records to set diskNo =2 and finally eliminating duplicates.
Thanks JK

The trick is not use the double-backslash - as MP3tag uses that as separator between multi-value fields - and you get a multi-value field straight away again after you have merged it.
That is why I suggested that you use the single slash as separator. The single slash also looks a lot more like an ordinary track field with current track and total tracks.

Ok ohrenkino will give that a try. Thanks for your persistence!

Hi, the merge worked in that in enabled me to se the TRACk as a string and parse out the data. This is what I did....

Screenshot 2021-02-28 123538

So the first action removes a \ and it is now a string I manipulate
Using the single \ I create the disk number
The final action takes the correct track number for the disk - I had to trim as it was leaving a space at the end

Many thanks for your help - its much appreciated

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