Problems with Track tag

I just ripped a CD and tagged it in MP3Tag Editor (v2.41). I have the following example values correctly tagged using ID3v2.3

Track: 7
Total Tracks: 11
Disc: 1
Total Discs: 1

I then dragged the folder of .mp3 files to Foobar v0.9.5.3b2 and changed the Rating tag in the Properties dialog. Now when I view the tracks in Mp3Tag, I get the following:

Track: 7/11
Total Tracks:
Disc: 1/1
Total Discs:

Is this foobar or Mp3Tag that is causing this? I assume it's foobar but after activating the [force preferred tag scheme] and choosing ID3v2, it didn't stop this from happening (that was just a guess anyways).

Why do you use
Track: 7
Total Tracks: 11
in Mp3tag? That's not compatible with other programs.
Track: 7/11 is

I've never had that problem in the past, certainly not with Foobar.