Problems with web sources for lyrics

Leoslyrics and sing365 are not returning lyrics for songs that I know must be in their databases based on experience a month ago. Leoslyrics quickly returns the message “Sorry, no entries are matching your search criteria.” Sing365 returns the message “Error connecting to server” The raw Lyricsforall source works as badly now as it did before—very slow and returns every possibility except the right one. Leoslyrics and sing365 were very reliable a month ago.

I made two major changes since successfully using these services. I upgraded from dialup internet service to DSL, and I installed MP3tag 2.37h in place of 2.37a. But my problems are the same after I reinstalled 2.37a and connect to the internet via my dialup modem. I have also turned off my firewall and my antivirus. And I have verified that the script files are where they’re supposed to be.

I have not used other web sources in the past, but amazon and discogs both work now.

I wonder whether leoslyrics and sing365 have changed their communications protocols. I’d appreciate others checking if they get proper results from their queries.

Any other suggestions for how I can identify the problem?


If you go to sing365 homepage and try a search, you will see it times out.

leoslyrics removed the advanced search that I used. Maybe I make one for their API.

Yes, Lyricsforall has a poor search engine. Are they even worth our time?

Please remember, these scripts have no "will work forever" guarantee. Most just parse the html code and if there is a change from the site owner, it might fail.

Thanks for checking this out for me. I take it you believe sing365 is having technical problems (about 24 hours so far) and will be usable later. I hope so.

I found that leoslyrics was the best source overall in terms of fast response and having the lyrics, but sing365 was also useful as it had some less popular music --- celtic for example. Yes, I tried the lyricsforall only a few times and gave up on that site. I don't think is is worth our time. I was surprised to see that sing365 is apparently related to lyricsforall--the error message says can't link to Why would sing365 have a good search engine when the parent site does not?

I would appreciate a new script for leoslyrics if you can find the time. I would take the time myself if I had the knowhow. Of course, I understand that your efforts are uncompensated gifts. They are much appreciated. I have no expectations of guarantees or anything else. I posted my problem first to find out whether it is a problem on my end, and second to seek your help if it is not.


Don't let you fool by the sing365 error message. I just did not adjust the text for it.