Producing DISPLAY COMPOSER using multiple COMPOSER field

To better understand the problem, refer picture

Upon download, the COMPOSER is already split I would love to retain that.

I want to produce DISPLAY COMPOSER, a tag useful in Musicbee. My problem is that in order for me to do that, I need to merge COMPOSER with / separator, ** format value** to DISPLAY COMPOSER, split by expression of "/" while doing all that, I would like to retain multiple composer.

Any idea on how i should design my Action command?*

You add a further action to your action group that splits the field again: "Split field by separator"

I see. Meaning to say that the Actions are done in the order described in the panel and don't happen simultaneously?

I don't know what you mean by panel.
If you create a new action group with Actions>Actions ... > New
You enter a name for the action group and then add add an action, e.g. the action to merge the field.
I would then, if this is the routine way of procedure, add the action of the type "Format value" to fill the display composer.
And finally, add the action to split the field COMPOSER again.
Now the action group should contain 3 actions:
These three steps will be executed in this order every time you call the action group.

"These three steps will be executed in this order every time you call the action group."
This answers it.

My flow now is merge->format->replaceregular->split.

Just for future reference, the action group are sequential right? like I can split, merge and split again, right?

Just a hint:
If you replace a text constant (probably /) with another text constant (probably ;) then you don't need an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" - this is just a plain "Replace" as you do not really define a pattern.

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Sorry my brain is foggy, would you mind explaining this further? I understand that sometimes Replace is sufficient in the place of Replace with regular expression, but what do you mean by that in my context?

And I'm starting to guess that Replace with regular expression can do a different job than Replace but I'm not sure in what instance

Edit: Gotcha. In another post. Lemme correct that real quick

I think you just need one action:

Format value
Format string: $meta_sep(composer,/)

that is the thing, I'm not adept at using format string yet I have to rely on set actions.

nevertheless, thank you for the infromation!

I think, together with the original "replace" it would be:
Format string: $meta_sep(composer,; )


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