Program crash trying to load too many files...

Hello, really, really like this program -- thank you!

I used to be able to load my whole music collection into mp3tag but my library has grown and now I can no longer open my top-tier Music folder. I believe it craps out around 54,000 files...I forget the exact error message but it basically stops dead and you're forced to close. I'm currently using version 2.75 but previous updates haven't addressed the limitation so I'm guessing 2.81 doesn't solve the issue either (about to upgrade).

So a couple questions:

I wondered can you have 2 instances of mp3tag installed (in diff locations) and running at the same time opening different sets of files and is it possible to remove the ~54K limitation?

What is the exact maximum number of files that can be loaded into mg3tag (and why)?

Thanks for your attention, boogie on!



The number of files depends on the size of the tags, so there is no exact number.
MP3tag as 32-bit application can address 4GB of address space with some 3 GB available for normal operation like e.g. undo actions. If that has been used, MP3tag stops (a little unfriendly).

So workarounds are:
D&D only those folders into MP3tag that you really need,
use other players like iTunes or Foobar that allow you to pre-select files that are spread across the filesystem, use playlists.
It should not be necessary to load the whole collection to incorporate some new files.

Thanks for the qwick replies :slight_smile:

No, it isn't necessary but being able to would still be useful, to me anyway :-p

I shoot for album art is at least 600x600 pixels, typical size maybe 500 KB. So adding art to a 10-track album would increase folder size by 5 MB. This takes me to another question:

mp3tag lets you add multiple image files to the album-art part of the tag and to add a classification to each like Front Cover (default), Back Cover, Media, etc... Play the track in WinAmp, all that you ever see displayed is the 1st image designated as 'Front Cover' which is apparently tops in the pecking order even if it is not the primary image...still figuring it out some but guess my real question is....

What music player lets you see (or possibly scroll) more than a single image with multi-image tagged tracks?

I'll often add a second piece of art to a track, sometimes even a 3rd or 4th KNOWING that the only way I can view them is to use's a madness, an obsession I tell you! :smiley:

I think iTunes does.

500 kb seems too much for me.
Album-art very seldom is a photo and more often some graphical design. So with 600 x 600 and saving the picture as a jpg with typical 80 % quality it should never increase 100 KB.

Because it makes no sense to me to have music-files with more portion of pictures than of music I made a compromise-decision that looks like that:

Get high-resolution cover-art wherever it is possible from Front, Back, CD, Booklet and keep these in the album folder.
Embed only the front-cover with a reduced resolution of 800 x 800.

For the purpose of seeing the album-cover in a player this resolution is really enough.
Even if you set the JPG-quality to 70 % (which is very effective in reducing size) I never noticed any loss of quality for this purpose.

With which technique do you embed your cover-art in the files?
Never do it by C&P because this encreases the size. Always embed it from a file.