Program Crashes on Some Folders

I'm trying to load my entire library to embed album art into all my songs. I've made the necessary action code to do what I want (every folder has a folder.jpg which I want to use, this is no problem), but when I load my entire MUSIC folder there are some folders which cause the program to crash. Through a bit of trial and error, I found one of the folders which causes the program to crash, here's the ls of the folder. Anyone have any ideas as to what would make this cause the crash?

Albert Hammond Jr. - Yours To Keep:
01 - Cartoon Music For Superheroes.mp3
02 - In Transit.mp3
03 - Everyone Gets A Star.mp3
04 - Call An Ambulance.mp3
05 - Blue Skies.mp3
06 - Back To The 101.mp3
07 - Bright Young Thing.mp3
08 - Scared.mp3
09 - Holiday.mp3
10 - Hard To Live In The City.mp3

If necessary, I'll upload this folder to my web server so that others can get the contents and see if they can replicate the error.

Thanks in advance.

Well, I just realized the filenames have nothing to do w/ the problem, so I'm posting the folder itself. All help is appreciated.

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This problem is fixed in the current beta version.
Download here: