Program icon disappers in start menu or tray (win7)

I have an odd (minor) problem that I can't figure out. I've installed mp3tag on my win7 (SP1) new laptop and after every reboot the icon associated with mp3tag reverts to the generic program icon. This is true whether looking at the icon in the win tray, in the start menu, or desktop shortcut. mp3tag still works correctly in terms of functions.

If I reinstall mp3tag, the correct icon returns but reverts to generic upon the next reboot. I've tried uninstalling, including saying yes to removing app data. I've downloaded the install exe several times. I've tried with and without mp3tag set to "run as an administrator". Nothing seems to matter....icon disappears.

Note: I have mp3tag on 2 other laptops and a desktop (all win7) and never had this issue.

Any thoughts. I'm stumped. (no other icon on this machine disappears...only the mp3tag icon).

This is just a very wild guess:
there is an icon cache database ... so perhaps it is just one bit too small.

You can set the size of the database in the registry:

value Max Cached Icons.
Normal size is 500 MB.

also, in the folder %localappdata% there is the db iconcache.db - perhaps that is corrupt and replacing it with one from a working computer.

But as I said: just wild guessing.

thanks. I'll have a look.

rebuilding my icon cache.db seemed to have solved the problem. At least it has survived a couple of reboots. So that was a good wild guess!