Program will not launch

Hi all,

I had some problems with my drive and had to do some messing about. Now MP3Tag will not launch.

I have uninstalled/rebooted/reinstalled .. no joy... Did a repair ... no joy .. manually removed files and did an install again...

When I click on the link literally nothing happens in windows. I have launched and watched in task manager ... The program pops up ... lists a second then is removed. I have had a look in the program folder and the program data but can't see a log file any where.

Any one got any ideas?


Try a portable installation and see if it launches then.
I suspect that you cannot access the %appdata% folder due to some problems with the access rights.
The portable installation would store all the configuration data in the installation folder instead of one of the Windows user folders which may be damaged in respect to access rights.

Cool - that got it launching again.Thank you so much.

Is there any way to set up the explorer context menu like it was before?

You said

So now it would be your task to get the %appdata% folder back to working order again so that MP3tag can save its householding files.
I would start to check the access rights and ownerships of that folder.
Then, if everything shows that it is you, then I would install MP3tag with a standard installation. That includes the shell extension in the Explorer.