Programs Start Menu shortcut!

This may be a stupid question, but I'll ask it anyway. I think programs Start Menu shortcut should be without the version infos.

e.g 'Mp3tag' instead of 'Mp3tag v2.49b'

Another suggestion. I have tried another tag editor. Its interface was pretty easy. I wish you could have your programs interface like that. I am listing a link here to look at the screenshot of that program.

I agree with the Start Menu suggestion.

I've noticed a couple of things in the the most recent version(s) of the Mp3tag Windows installer:

  1. During the installation, with previous versions of the Mp3tag installer, the component checkboxes always reflected the selections made during the previous install. For example, if you had enabled Windows Explorer integration but didn't place a shortcut on the desktop, the correct check marks were shown the next time you ran the installer to upgrade. I'm no longer seeing this (convenient) upgrade behavior. Now, the desktop checkbox is always checked and the Explorer integration is unchecked.
  2. The last time I upgraded Mp3tag to 2.49b, as I always do, over top of the existing Mp3tag installation, the Start Menu folder was moved to the end of all the others. This usually indicates that the folder was deleted and then recreated by the installer. It's not that big of a deal, but it's not typical Windows installer behavior. If you've moved that folder in the Start Menu ordering, it loses its place.