Programs that show multiple album art?

I love the option to add multiple pictures to files! Which Mp3 programs utilize this? I use Winamp now and it only shows one cover. I would like to use a program that shows all of the pictures I add. Also what if I have a compilation album with different covers? Thanx in advance!

Hi and welcome,

  1. I know MediaMonkey and iTunes will do it.

  2. You can specify multiple images of the same type (e.g. front) - if that's what you mean.


Thanx for the info! I will try Media Monkey. Basically I want to add multiple pictures to the same mp3 Front, back, inside etc. Then when I play the file, it will show all of the pictures.. "Front" will show for a few seconds then "Back" will show for a few seconds..basically scrolling through all of them..


Methinks you could script this in MediaMonkey.