Proposal: store deleted files

Hi mp3-friends;

Regurarly I want to extend my music-collection with new mp3's.
I get these mp3's from different sources, usually in a collection containing also other files wich I have deleted previous in mp3tag.
Is it possible to make a script wich remembers my previous deleted files, so that I can select/delete them all together in a new downloaded collection?

Many thanks, regards, Rudy

You can delete files permanently from within MP3tag with Ctrl-Del.

If you only want to add a marker that some files may be deleted then add a custom field like %to_be_deleted% and enter a value that you like e.g. "1" or "yes".

You can then filter for these files an move them to a new location or delete them alltogether.

Also: I would revise my workflow: why do you store all files in the same location? Why do you "delete" files from MP3tag but not from the file system?

The main problem is: How do you detect duplicate files, ... by filename ... content ... or what?

Using Mp3tag Export feature, you can create an everlasting list of all the files resp. the filenames, which should be deleted. Further on use this list as input for the cleaning process.


Thank you for your answers, but it is not quite what I’m looking for. Maybe an example will lighten up my question: suppose I don’t like Abba, Roger Witthaker, and all the music with a piano in it (only fort his example, in reality I do, I do, I do :slight_smile: ).
So in my collection I have deleted for his reason, let ’s say in total 210 files.
And now I download a new collection from a friend or the internet which I want to merge to my own collection.
What happens: I have to go through this new collection in order to remove unwanted files and guess what: about 100 files I once have deleted are coming back in this collection because Abba, Roger and piano-music are quite popular! It would spare me a lot of time if MP3tag remembers for me that these 100 files are part of my ‘recycle-bin’-collection of 210 files.
In order to accomplish this, a recycle-bin-database is needed in which mp3tag stores the title of deleted files, and if needed, mp3tag compares all the new downloaded files with my recycle-bin-files and tag them as ‘recycled’.

I don’t know if this is a lot of work (if so I ‘m willing to help you because I have done some programming in the past, not anymore however for a year) and I hope you will find my proposal a nice asset for mp3tag.
In any case: enjoy Christmas, and let’s make 2016 a great year!

MP3tag does not have a database - and probably never will have.
So, go back to DetlevD's suggestion and create an export of all the titles that you have deleted once.
Then load the new files, create a similar export and do some clever alignment of titles that are in the old list and that are in the new list.
MP3tag will let you gather the data but you have to add the finishing touches.

Thanks, will do so!