Provide Option for Fav Dir (Ctl+F) to be Additive

Feature Request:
I have controlling files for each of my podcast subscriptions and I often need to load them up with the podcasts before performing Export scripts. Not critical, but it would be nice to have an option for CTL+F to add these control files instead of me having to CTL drag them into the window.

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I am not quite sure if this is something for you:
You could create a tool that calls MP3tag and adds a particular file to the current list
Create new tool in Tools>Options>Tools
Name: Load xxx file
Path: c:\to\Mp3tag.exe
Parameter: /add /fn:"C:\music\myfile.MP3"
(you would have to replace the names with your local ones.)
If you have a playlist with a set of files then you can load and add several files in that way

Hey ohrenkino - this sounds like a super useful feature!

I use “template” tracks that contain all of the tags I need for a certain file type.

Right now, I have to click-drag such template files into the main window when I load a batch of files.

It’ll be great to create actions to call those template files. :+1:t2:

Please note that I suggested a tool, not actions. It is not possible to load files with actions (except covers).

This works beautifully.

Thanks for the steer. :pray:t2:

If the file that you load is a playlist, you can load as many files as you like with just one call of this tool.

Thanks Ohrenkino. The tool approach would work. But I figured since you already have CTL+F, what's the harm in having SHFT+CTL+F as an additive.

If it is a shortcut you are after, have a look at the help:
You can create up to 99 external applications here. The first ten tools can also be started by the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + 0 to Ctrl + 9.

It's not a big deal, but I already have my 0-9 filled for other purposes.