Proxy Problem



I'm using version 2.37h and I have some trouble with the proxy option. As it seems although I've configured this option in various ways (localhost, ecc.; always port 5865) the proxy requests don't arrive at the proxy. Therefore mp3tag fails to connect. I don't use a username or password to connect to the proxy.

I tried the "Check Update" function as well as the websources to test.

The proxy is used in an intranet and works since years.

Later I'll install an older version to verify if it's a problem of the development version.

Anyone else who experiences these problems?


Proxy Problem

I don't know why my question has been moved to the support forum as I think my post isn't a question for support but simply the observation of a misbehaviour of mp3tag. And as it doesn't regard the stable version but the development version I posted it in the, as I think, appropriate forum.

I tested it with version 2.37a and this one works fine with the proxy. No problem neither with checking for updates nor websources.

Unfortunally I can't identify which version introduced this bug.



OK, I moved it back. Didn't know that the problem was introduced with a development build.


I noticed the problem with 2.37f and in 2.37h is ist still alive...

When will there be an fixed version?


What proxy are you using?


Please try with the latest Development Build.


Hey there.
I was having problems with proxy authentication and still using version 2.38 i couldn't authenticate.
I found a way to fix this by at Tools/Options/Networking (proxy settings) i left the proxy ip this way:

and left user and pass field blank. Hope it helped.