Publisher field not showing in main window but showing in side window


I just set up to add the "Publisher " Field succefully, and is also showing in the main window in column view


The entries in the "publisher " field don't appear in the main window.

I can see it in the field where I can change the name, but it's not showing in the main window.

Hopefully I'm being clear enough

let's say I have an mp3... I check the tag with winamp, and in the publisher, the label name "Kompakt" is written.

When I launch mp3tag, and look in the big main window where all files are show, I have a column named "publisher", but it is blank... when I select the file.... I see on the left, where I can input all the infos, in the Publisher field, the name "Kompakt" is shown (in this peculiar example) it could be any other label name....

Does you column config look like this?

Ah ha... it didn't

I added the " %publisher% " and the Publisher appeared!

but I had not added that below in the last box, " %publisher%%album% " what else does this do?

I tried adding it, but I didn't see the difference.

I must add it's my very first attempt at tagging outside winamp or traktor

But thanks a lot

one quick question if I may.... i had to enter the title of every song of there a way to automate this so it's faster...

It sorts the column in that order.

Hit the
button when you see it. You can't make any typos when you begin using mp3tag.

There are several scripts available for mp3tag to do just that. I have one at: /t/12568/1 for

Others are found at: /c/web-sources-scripts

Pick one which best suits your needs.