Pulling Folder Info with Two Sets of Parentheses

Hello, everyone! I am able to use the filename - tag feature to pull information when my folder name looks like this:

Pearl Jam - Ten (1991) [VBR-V0]

I use this format string:

%dummy%\%artist% - %album% (%year%) [%dummy%]\%dummy%

However, I am not sure what to do when the folder name has two sets of parentheses, like this:

Pearl Jam - Ten (Legacy Edition) (2009) [VBR-V0]

I tried searching for this before I created a new topic. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance!

Probably you get the wrong part into YEAR - this is due to the greadiness of the function.
If you can live with a little loss at the end, then try
%artist% - %album%) (%year%)%dummy%
like that you loose the closing bracket.

If that is not the option, you still need further steps where you first import everything into ALBUM, then copy part from ALBUM into YEAR and delete that part in ALBUM.

This works! I will do this, and then I can create a quick action that appends a closing parenthesis to the end of the album name. Thanks!

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