purchased aac file & purchased by

I believe purchased by should be easy as it can be done in hex editor with ease by typing name (should be first result).

But is there a way to change AAC File to Purchased AAC File? With a hex editor or this tool?? Thanks in advance I love this tool.

Mp3tag can only can add the Email address (in Mp3tag called ITUNESACCOUNT). The full name you have to do with a Hex Editor.

And as always a word of caution, when you start messing with a Hex Editor, please only do it on a copy and not your original. !!

Yeh I know that you can do both, I was doing this a long time before MP3Tag, Also I already use ITUNESACCOUNT, was wondering why purchased by wasnt in there.

So anyway to change AAC audio file to Purchased AAC audio file?