Pure Evoke 3 tags changed

I've been using Mp3tag for a few years, mainly to organise my .MP2 files saved to SD card on my Pure Evoke 3.

The title Tag has been the programme name. i.e. "I'm Sorry I'll ~"

But some time ago, I noticed that this title tag is now filled with "08:30 10/06/15" - the time and date of the programme.

Although Pure sold the radio promising firmware updates, I've never seen any. So that can't be the cause of change.

Any suggestions for this change and how to get the programme name into a tag?

The Artist tag has changed from "BBC Radio 7" to "BBC Radio4Extra". So this could be the problem; Auntie Beeb has got it wrong.

You are not very clear about who or what changes the field contents.
if that is what you get from the broadcaster, then that is it.
If you do not like the data, you can overwrite it with bits and pieces, perhaps using MP3tag.

I just record using the radio's automatic system. Then when the SD is getting full replace it with another. The full SD then has it's files transferred to a laptop.

Nothing extra is done to the files, which are .MP2 and not .MP3.

I then use Mp3tag, to move the files into folders for each program. But now the programme name is not available.

It's either the BBC programmers (digital data) who have changed the data or a change in Mp3tag.

As I update Mp3tag when new versions are available, it was my initial thought that Mp3tag was at fault. But investigating the other tags, discovered that the change from BBC 7 to BBC 4 happened at the same time. Discovered this while typing my posting here.

This looks like a genuine source problem. MP3tag does not invent, delete or overwrite data in tags unless the user tells it to do so.
What you can do with MP3tag: Select all files with the faulty program name and overwrite them with the correct one (if is the same for all).
So, updating Mp3tag and noticing the changes in tags is purely incidental.

That's the conclusion I've come to. So can't just use Mp3tag to send to the required folder. Now need to listen to every file.

Thanks for the help.