Put a space before an exclamation point


I have a problem with my tags.

I want to put a space before the explanation points in the title of the tracks.

Example : Touchy! -> Touchy !

I have tried with the action replace (! -> space !)but without any success.

How to do this please ?

By the way, second question, how to search all tracks with an exclamation point only in the title.

Because when I do a search, I have all track with "!" but in the titles, album names, artists and so ...

I want to do a search only on the titles.

Sorry for all these questions.

Many thanks in advance

You can FILTER for data. Try:
%title% HAS "!"
If you want to filter for all those that have an exclamation mark without blank in front of it:
%title% HAS "!" AND NOT %title% HAS " !"

For the replace action:
Do not mix a palin "Replace" with "Replace with regular expression". In the latter, the ! has a special meaning.
So: create an action of the type "Replace" for TITLE
Search string: !
Replace string: _!
(where the _ is actually the blank).

Just a personal remark: according to typing rules (there is an ISO standard for that) any punctuation is never preceeded by a blank. So it could be that with the replace action you leave the holy grounds of standardization. :wink:

Thank you

All is OK now

In fact I have tried with a tag called TITRE instead of TITLE this is the reason why it was not successfull ...

Thank you also for the filter %artist% ...