Put "The" in front in the Title

Hej Everybody.

I hope you can help me, cause I've got a lot of files to rename and don't have a lot of time to do it.
I have already found a solution for putting "The" in front of artist.
Now I need a way to put "The" in front in the Title.

You're help is very much appreciated.

With Regards Carsten Coach

could you give an example?
If I think of the title
"The good, the bad and the ugly"
I do not think that you want to get
"The the the good, bad and ugly"?!

Well, an example could be: "Living Years, The".
I would like to have it look like this: "The Living Years".

Regards Carsten Coach

I would create an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for TITLE
Search String: (.*), the$
Replace string: The $1

Edit: added the $ to really get the "the" at the end.

Thank you. That works. :slight_smile:

Regards Carsten Coach