Put the same value into multiple tags at once


I'm currently storing my music files on disk as Artist\YYYY.MM.DD - Album name\NN. Track name. And tagging them with MP3tag's Filename - Tag button using the %artist%\%year% - %album%\%track%. %title% template. Which works fine.

The problem is I need the Artist value to fill two tags at once - ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST.

And the same is for year - I need its value to fill both YEAR and ORIGINALDATE.

Currently I first tag my files and then run the action which copies the YEAR's value into ORIGINALDATE, and ARTIST's one into ALBUMARTIST.

Not very convenient.

Is it possible to edit my template string so that Filename - Tag button would fill both %artist% and %albumartist% with the Artist's folder name while %year% and %originaldate% is filled with YYYY.MM.DD part of the Album's folder name?

If you modify you workflow and use an action of the type "Guess value" instead of the Convert function, then you can perform all the steps as actions in an action group.
I think it is not possible to pass the same data to 2 fields in 1 go.