Putting Tag-> filename in actions menu?

Is it possible to put the Concert right click file menu actions like, tag - filename, in the actions custom box? I use the actions custom box to do a directory rename, but it wold be nice to do a one click action to do all my convert actions. Thanks!

If you want to apply the a certain kind of file-renaming numerous times and want to store that mask then create an action of the type
Format tag-field
for the field _filename
Enter as format-string the mask that you otherwise would use for the tag-filename converter.

I did a new action, format value , but in field all I see is TaggingTime. To make clear, I want to add actions, like Convert Tag > Filename in the Actions custom menu, for a one stop shop of converting

Saw this on google search: http://forums.mp3tag.de/lofiversion/index.php/t15651.html

I will try that and report back

Please enter the string
into the field "Field".
At format string enter the mask that you usually use in the converter Tag-Filename.

The thread that you have linked in the other post describes the revert action of the converter "Filename - Tag".

Worked perfect thank you!