Q about the use of the STYLE/STYLES and CONTENTGROUP tags


Hi Forum,

In the mp3tag Tag field drop-down menu the Tag is called STYLES so I guess this is the correct name for it? Now all scrips except Ydopes use:

# Style
outputto "Style"

in it, without the s in the end. I'm not very good at programming so maybe I have misunderstood this?! :flushed: Also I wonder what MP3-players soft/hard reads the STYLE/S tag, this since both iTunes and WMP uses CONTENTGROUP for this type of info and not STYLES. The ID3v2 tag fields listing in the help file does not mention STYLES (or STYLE)... So, if I change the #Styles outputto to CONTENTGROUP, will it end up in the CONTENTGROUP field?

Thanks for the help! :rolleyes: