Q: Actions - How to Apply to Multiple Fields at Once

Forgive me if there is an obvious way to do this and I just haven't been able to find it.

I'm creating a lot of Action Groups as I work my way through updating the tags in my library.

Many actions (such as trimming white space and adjusting spacing, grammar or capitalization) I need to run on several different fields (typically %artistsort%, %artist%, %albumsort%, %album%, %titlesort% and $title%), but by no means all of them.

I have an aversion to using global tags like "_TAG" lest my actions un-intentionally screw up any other tag fields, like %unsyncedlyrics%, or any comment fields, or any fields used behind the scenes by my playback software that I'm not even aware of.

So when I want to create my own actions, or for example, modify something like the "Title Case" group of Actions compiled by yog-sothoth known as "Grammartron", I have to change all of the included global actions from "_TAG" to, say, %artist% and then duplicate each one of those five or six times (for each applicable tag).

At least I think I have to. Am I missing something?

I wind up with reeaaallly long list of actions when I do this.

It seems the tag field has room to allow a multiple tags if I can only figure out the correct way to separate them. Wouldn't that have the same result as 6 identical actions listed in sequence? Or is this just not possible?


I don't believe there is any other way except to duplicate actions within an action group. I use the duplicate button for this. In the end you only have to do it one time, so it's really not too much work in the long run.

Perhaps this picture will better explain.

Using DetlevD's expression for capitalizing Roman Numberals to 4000, applied to the artist, album, and title tags only.

As 1 action instead of 3. Possible?

Thanks, JJ, I think I posted my pic after you replied.

Actually, if you happen to be using a $replace(,a1,b1,a2,b2) type expressions, you have to duplicate the action a lot of times and also change the tag name in the expression each time too. Perhaps the <_ALL> tag could be used there though, I'm not sure.


Actually I make a lot of extra work for myself because I now have these 6 identical actions applied to 6 different tags and when I realize I need to update one of the actions, I have to update SIX different actions instead of just the one. Gets hard to keep track of sometimes. Perhaps that's just user error, not getting it right the first time. :slight_smile:

A couple of actions permit specifying multiple fields, separated by semicolons. See 'Remove fields' and 'Remove field except'. Since it's quite explicitly shown that these actions permit multiple fields, I think it's unlikely that others do.

Is there a place-holder variable for "self"? Without one, it would be difficult to define actions that can modify multiple fields.

Place holder variable for "Self" --- Exactly!

Well, If we are sure this isn't possible with the current program, do you think adding such capability (and the "self" placeholder) would be worth asking the author for? I have no idea, unfortunately, how difficult a task that might be ... or if anyone but me might appreciate it.

Perhaps people who have been using this much longer than me know a better way to do what I'm trying to do, that already works. Thanks for the responses!