[Q] How to create continuous track #'s for multiple-discs

Hi, what is the easist way in MP3Tag to create continuous track #'s for a multi-disc set? I have an 8 disc set (8 different album titles) and each disc starts numbering at 01. I want to basically make one albumtitle and then combine all the songs from track 01 - track 80.
For example:


01 Disc 1
02 Disc 1
03 Disc 1
01 Disc 2
02 Disc 2
01 Disc 3
02 Disc 3

01 Disc 1
02 Disc 1
03 Disc 1
04 Disc 2
05 Disc 2
06 Disc 3
07 Disc 3

Since I have them ordered properly in the main window already I just need to highlight them all and re-sequence their track numbers. Is that doable? :slight_smile: Didn't see this addressed in another topic. Thank you!

Use the track numbering tool. Tools > Auto-numbering Wizard, or Ctrl-K, or the :mt_trackwiz: button. Load all of the files, make sure that they're sorted correctly (by disc, then track number), highlight all files and set 1..80 in the wizard.

Ah brilliant, thank you!

By renumbering them in a continuous way you loose the original boundaries between discs.
Yet, I know that there are players that play first all the number 1s, then the 2s etc which destroys the original sequence.
Here is an alternative:
Set the field DISCNUMBER for each disc.
Apply an action that adds the discnumber*100 to the track number:
01 disc 1 becomes 101
02 disc 1 becomes 102
01 disc 2 becomes 201
01 disc 3 becomes 301
Like this you get an ascending numbering plus an indicator for the disc boundaries even on players that do not read the DISCNUMBER field.

Begin Action Group

Action #1
Actiontype 5: Format value
Field ______: TRACK
Formatstring: $add(%track%,$mul(%discnumber%,100))

End Action Group

I personally have no idea why anyone would want to keep those original boundaries.

When a given multi-disc set has important distinctions, I may choose to actually treat them as separate albums/folders; e.g. Birth of the Dead has "Live" vs "Studio" discs and for that group I keep my thousands of live showtapes (mostly traded bootlegs) separate from official releases.

But it is my opinion that the space/time restrictions of the now-obsolete physical media is artistically/semantically irrelevant 99.9% of the time.

Just on the off chance that one day I might change my mind, I do tag DISCNUMBER so it would be easy to do so.

Not arguing with other POVs, just pointing out that the OP is probably thinking along the same lines.

Yes, you are absolutely right for the new ways the players offer. I once emancipated myself only to be bitterly reminded that when I talk to more old fashioned CD lovers that it is rather tedious to find the correct disc.
So I started to fill the DISCNUMBER field, whenever appropriate, only to find that hardly any player takes notice of it.
If you store the discs in separate folders, programs like the albumartfixer constantly complain that tracks are spread over several folders which does not make a fluent progress.

So I had to think of a way that keeps the disc information visible without the need to open up to 8 folders of e.g. "The 80s" compilation to find the right track...
I found it with that arithmatic for discnumber and track number.
And if I want so separate these two numbers again: the discnumber is calculated with the $div function, and the track number with the $mod function, each for the division by 100.

As I said I didn't intend to argue against those with more demanding use cases, just reminding there isn't "one right way".

My main point is for those like me and the OP who consider it to be an irrelevant detail, by keeping a value in DISCNUMBER, the wonderful tool we have in MP3Tag will allow us to convert to whatever tagging/filenaming convention we may want in the future, while in the meantime keeping the extraneous data point conveniently hidden away.