[Q] How to filter on album art size?

Hi all, I have a substantial music collection but unfortunately when I started it I often used low res 150px art for the album cover.

I'd like to drag a letter's [A,B,C,F, etc.] worth of songs into MP3Tag at a time [~4000 songs] and then filter the results based on front cover size so perhaps just show songs with front cover art size < 475px... so I can go back use ALbum Art Downloader and get better quality images for those.

Is this possible? Use the filter box on the bottom somehow? Thanks -

create a custom column with this as the value:
Then load up your files and sort on this column from high to low.

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Thanks for the reply, looks like that's giving a byte size in the column. Depending on the image compression that can lead to some odd sorting and may not correspond to the size. Is there another value I could use for dimensions?

I was just guessing on this. Not sure if another criteria that would work (and would love to have something better too). Agree that this is not perfect, but the byte size is fairly correlated with my actual size (500x500, 150x150, etc.).