[Q] Saving a three level default sort of the info area?

Hi, love MP3Tag; though is there a way to save a default tertiary sort?

Each time I open MP3Tag I have to do three clicks to order the display on the right the way I want:

  1. Click track column.
  2. Click Album column
  3. Click Artist Column.

When I exit and return only the last column touched (artist) is sorted and the tracks are no longer sorted. Is there a way to save this total sort order? Didn't see anything in the FAQs or other messages. Thanks -

No. Only one sort is remembered.
But if you select a property that incorporates all sort criteria, like e.g. the path then you probably get the same result (unless all files reside in the same folder - but even then could you sort the files in such a fashion if you named the files accordingly:
Artist - album - track - title.