Q: "Split field by separator" usage

I had a TITLE field on 500+ MP3's that look like "TITLE - ARTIST" with the ALBUM and ARTIST fields both set to the same value

I tried to use the [Split Field by Separator] action to split the current TITLE field into 2 pieces and put text after the '-' into
the ARTIST field and the part before the '-' into the TITLE field, both followed by a TRIM()

The online help is a little sparse, and I couldn't find any examples online.

I ended up using a complicated formula, but I'd like to understand the Split Field more for the next time



Using 2.65a

Actually, I think you should use an action of the type
"Guess value" (import tag-field). THe split field action is more to create multivalue fields.

Enter as source field:
Enter as mask: %title% - %artist%

There should not be the necessity to trim anything as the "blank-hyphen-blank" separator should take care of the extra blanks.


Ahhh -- did NOT even think to try that. Thanks

But can you give me a simple example of how to use the Split Field. There help is too brief for me to figure out



Let us say you have a genre-tag with the content:

You want to make a Multivalue tag-field insted of this:

Field: Genre
Separator: /

If you look for the result of this action you can see
Pop\Rock\Folk-Rock\Country in the tag panel and
4 Tags of genre in the extented tag-panel (ALT-T).

Got it


Now I see why it's not even close to what I wanted to do