Question about Directory Recursion Operation


I noticed today, that if I have an audio file in a directory alongside more directories with files, dragging the file onto mp3tag also loads up the nested audio files as well.

    +folder with songs

Would it make sense to override mp3tag's recursion option when dragging files, as opposed to folders, on the main window? For some reason the current behavior is not as I expected it to be (never ran into it before, either, since everything in my media library usually gets its own folder) - I guess I just assumed it would behave like mp3utility does, which will recurse only when a folder is dragged on it.

Also, I was reading up a bit on MP4/M4A tags, which have their own format, but mp3tag's homepage says:

"Mp3tag is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit ID3-tags, APE-tags and Vorbis Comments of audio files."

maybe it'd be appropriate to mention MP4/m4a/iTunes/whatever there as well? As is, one might get the impression that mp3tag supports tagging such files with ID3/APE/Vorbis tags.



You can disable recursion with CTRL+D or in the Options


I'm aware of that (after all, I had to enable it).. I guess I'm wondering whether the convention currently in place is good, or logical, or consistent with user-expectations?