question about editing tags for mp4

Hello all,

I have a question about editing tags for mp4 video/movie files using the mp3tag program. After scanning my folder the column "TAG" shows MP4 (MP4) for all of the movie files.

What I want to do is add tags such as .... christmas, action, comedy, dvd, etc, kevin smith, etc, etc...

Would this particular column - TAG - be the same as editing the file under properties

right click > properties > details tab > description "tags"

If would I go about editing this particular field through the mp3tag program? I want to edit the tags so I can use the tags to search for the movies/videos by tags on my computer (i.e. christmas, action, etc ...)

I got the software so I can change the thumbnails for my movie and video files. So far it has worked well for the few thumbnails I tried to edit through the software.

Thanks in advance for any help.

See the help on MP4 fields:

You can tag MP4 files as long as they don't have Nero tags.

Thanks for the tip, ohrenkino. I did take a look at I don't think this answers my question.
I am hoping to find a program that will allow me to edit the TAG field that would appear in the properties section when you right click on a file (in this case an mp4 file).

I am sorry if I am not doing well at describing this. I came across the mp3tag software which has allowed me to add movie poster thumbnails to the video/mp4 file... and I am wondering that with this mp3tag software, if it possible to edit the TAG field that would appear in the properties section when you right click on the file

Thanks again

What do you mean by "tag field"? A tag consists of several fields which then stand for a certain piece of information.
Tags can have versions like ID3V1, ID3V2.3, MP4, FLAC.
If you want do edit the contents of fields, you are welcome.
Have you tried to enter data in a field? What does the "properties" dialogue show you?

For example...

I cannot find a field in mp3tag that makes changes to this field. Any ideas? Thanks.

No, no ideas. Apparently, this field is not included in MP3tag.