question about entering two names in the artist field


First of all I'd like to mention that I have read and browsed through the forum to see if my question was already asked (and maybe answered) before. I couldn't really find what I was looking for, but to be honest I really don't understand what most people are talking about here.

Almost everybody who's helping with questions from users are talking about action types and format strings. This doesn't say anything to me and I can't find these actions back in the menu's. I just type in my information manually for each track. This might be a very illogical and discursive? (hope that's the right word) way of doing it, but it works for me on principle.

So if my question is a bit dumb or yet as been asked by another user, accept my apologies and if necessary redirect me. Thanks in advance.

And now my question...

I have an artist called: Current Value, which has many albums in my audio library. Now I want to add a track which is a collaboration between Current Value & Forbidden Society. But if I type those two names in the artist field it will create a new artist alongside Current Value and that is: Current Value & Forbidden Society.
What I would like to happen is, that I can enter two names in the artist field (maybe with some sort of format string) and that the track will appear under artist Current Value and under artist Forbidden Society. And not to create a new artist as it were in my audio library like I mentioned above.

The way I've done it up till now is, pick the artiest which I have the most music of and put his name in the artist field (Current Value) and than in the contributing artiest field (properties of a music file in windows 7) I put the complete name of the collaboration (Current Value & Forbidden Society). The track than appears only under 1 artist (Current Value) but if I queue the track, the track info will also say (Current Value & Forbidden Society). Not quite what I want, but in this way I've got the complete information of the track. And that's way better than 100 variations of 1 artist.

I hope that someone can help me!
Thanks in advance,


What you are looking for, is a multivalue field.
Multivalue fields are several occurrances of a field of the same name.
You can create a multivalue field in MP3tag in the following ways:
Enter a double backslash \\ between the first and the second part:
Current Value\\Forbidden Society
Or open the extended tags dialogue and create a new field of the desired multivalue type (e.g. artist) and enter the second artist.

The problem is that not all players support multivalue fields and react differently to the separators.
WMP sometimes gets a hickup with forward slashes and splits AC/DC into AC and DC.
Foobar apparently uses a semicolon ...
What does your player do?

I use Sonos, don't know if your familiar with that?
it's a piece of hardware that connects to your stereo and it includes software
nothing really happens actually, I don't see the second part (\\Forbidden Society) in the track info when the track is queued/played. And also the new artist isn't created (Forbidden Society), so it probably doesn't work for my software :frowning:

iTunes also sees Current Value as the artist and Forbidden Society isn't mentioned

the way through extended tags results in exactly the same, is that correct?

thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

No, sorry, I am not.

Actually, it should work better ... that is in a more transparent way:
You should see actually two artist fields.
But as your research shows: multivalue fields are a fairly special case and you only create them in such a way as your player supports them. In all other cases you usually get frustrated...
Perhaps you could have a look at this thread
I am at my wit's end!
which deals with multivalue fields and the pros and cons of the various solutions.

ok thanks for the link, I will look into that :slight_smile:

the reason I asked it the multivalue fields would result in the same as using the "\\" is the fact that it appeared the same in the artist field

when I closed the extended tags window the result was the same as far as I could see (Current Value\\Forbidden) so maybe I did something wrong, because it was a quick try
but I'll look further into it my reading the link you posted

thanks for the reply's