Question about manual tag chnges

Used Mp3tag for the first time the other day, and all I needed to do was put the track titles on about 10 songs from a cd. I added the tracks, added the track names clicked on the save button, and everything was fine, but I closed the program, and when I went to use it today for a similar situation, the tracks that I last named showed up in the program. I selected them, hit delete on the keyboard, they went away, but I closed the program to go do something, and when I came back and opened it, there were those same tracks again. My question is: when you put a set of tracks in the program to do what you need to do, how do you clear thoses tracks out so they aren't there next time? I know I'm just missing something really simple, because it's brand new to me, but would greatly appreciate the tip on this. And just to be sure, what is the correct procedure to get the tracks you want to manually edit, just in case I'm doing it wrong?Thanks in advance!

Mp3tag remembers the tracks or the folder you have loaded the next time it is started.
But that is not a problem because when you add a new folder [Strg+D] or drag some files into the file list the old files are removed.

Yes, after fooling around with it a bit, I now realize that :blush: Thank you!