question about Mp3/Tag Studio


At first, I'm a loyal user of Mp3tag. :slight_smile:

I found this tagging program: Mp3/Tag Studio

The description of the program claims to have a "Super fast v2 tagging mode, which writes v2 tags to files faster than practically any other tagging program!". I found this at the feature list of the Webpage (second item).
My question is: Has anybody experience with that program? And is it a realistic claim?
If it is really faster maybe it could be considered to implement it somehow in Mp3tag?

Any thoughts on that?


I used this program before I found Mp3tag.
First of all: Mp3/Tag Studio is NOT FREE! (19 USD).
Maybe it is a little bit faster, but I don't compare such programs with Freeware (with no Nags, no phone-home and other I-hate-it-features) Mp3tag additionally comes with great support and ongoing development.


Thanks for the reply.
It was not a question of using this program. :slight_smile: I was just curious about this "fastes tagging" claim.


From the help file:

Judging by that description, I imagine that the program writes the ID3v2 tag right over the audio data, therefore you end up losing some of the audio contents. I have no idea what it does to Xing or VBRI headers - maybe it corrupts them, too.