Question about Remove Tag


I have under Tools - Option - Tags - Mpeg the following

Read: ID3v1, ID3v2
Write: ID3v2 Utf-16
Remove: ID3v1, APE

and under Tags - Ape, Mpc... the following

Read: ID3v1, APE
Write: -
Remove: ID3v1, APE.

When I click Ctrl-R (Remove Tag) on a Mp3 file that has ID3v1 and ID3v2,
it removes the ID3v1 tag. (Just as expected)

But when I click Ctrl-R (Remove Tag) on a Mp4 file, it removes every tag in that file,
what can I do to change this behaviour ?

And is it possible to Add "Remove Tag" as an action ?


For audio files where Mp3tag uses only one tag format (flac, ogg vorbis, wma, aac in mp4 container) this tag format is always removed.


Thx Dano for the answer.

It is a shame that "Remove Tag" is not available through Actions
(the if($eql(%_extension%,m4a)...) scripting function would be useful in this case.