Question: Importing artist info to title info



I'm new here, but I'm using Mp3 Tag for a while. I'm now hoping that the program can free me from a little nuisance that I'm currently facing. I'm sorry if the solution is already given in another topic or if it's very simpel (which makes me a complete noob). I did a quick search trough both the program options and the forum, but couldn't find an answer.

Here's the problem:

My music collection mainly consists of albums. I have, however, a couple of "Top ...." collections, for example the 'Top 100 Greatest Guitar Solo's' or the 'Rolling Stones Magazine 500 Greatest Songs of All Time'. I mainly listen to my music with my mp3 player (Zen Touch), and because most of my music consists albums, I always scroll trough the Artists, then select an album, and then listen to it.

The problem when adding an extensive "Top ..." collection, is that the list of artists on my mp3 player grows considerably, while most of them will only consist of 1 or 2 songs. I was hoping that, with Mp3tag, it's possible to insert the artist into the title (preferably at the end). In this way, I can then replace the artist info with the name of the collection, so then when I'm scrolling the Artists on my mp3 player, only a "Top ..." will appear and the number of artists will remain low. Also, this will allow me to still read the artist of each individual song. So I hope to continue my way of scrolling, selecting and listening to music, but also I would like to listen to my "Top ..." collection, without this nuisance.

I hope you can help me. Thanks already!

Greetz Wingilot


I'm sorry, while waiting for a reply I found an answer in an earlier post. I have to create a new action:

Format Value

Field: TITLE
Format String: %title% - %artist%

So, my question and post can be deleted. Thanks for the wonderful program!

Greetz, Wingilot