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Attached is a screenshot of files that I want to edit the tags in. You will see the filename has various fields that are bracketed out with numbers and abbreviations "(##) (####) (Vid).mp4”. What I am trying to do is mass delete those series of numbers even though the values do not match from file to file. Can this program some how understand the format I typed above and remove that text from the desired field? I hope that my question is written in a way that you understand my request. I have figured out how to do for instance “(Vid).mp4” and erase the (Vid) part from the tag but I can’t seen to get how to tell the program to do multiples at once with different numerical values.

Second question that you can reference the picture attached, Where you see multiple underscores in a field “Asap Mob_Asap Rocky_Asap Ferg - “ & “Nicki Minaj_Drake_Lil Wayne - “, I would need to make a replacement that looks like this "Asap Mob Ft. Asap Rocky & Asap Ferg - “ or "Nicki Minaj Ft. Drake & Lil Wayne - “. Is this something that I could easily do with the program, even if multiple variables of Ft. Artist are named meaning some songs have 2 features some songs might have 5 features but I can change the “_”’s to first “Ft.” then “,”s until the final artist name putting a “& “ in-front of it?

Any any all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

If you want to remove everything from the first opening parentheses to the last closing one, you can use a Quick Action Replace with regular expression for field _FILENAME, where you replace what is matched using

Regexp: ^(.+?)\s\(.*\)
Replace: $1

Usually I refrain from commenting on anything regarding handling of featuring artists :smiley: It's been answered here on the forums countless times (for the Windows version) and it seems with each answer, a new edge-case or additional requirement pops up.

In your special case, where 3 artists are separated by underscore characters, you can use Replace with regular expression for field ARTIST, where you replace what is matched using

Regexp: ^(.+?)_(.+?)_(.+?)$
Replace: $1 Ft. $2 & $3

Wonderful! The first questions formula worked out just great, Thank you..

The second question formula, if I am understanding correctly depending on how many featured artists are on the track, you would need to make the formula match to the pertaining number of artist? Meaning if 3 artists are on the file then the above formula is the way to go, if 5 artists are on the file then the formula would need to look like this:
Regexp: ^(.+?)_(.+?)_(.+?)_(.+?)_(.+?)$
Replace: $1 Ft. $2, $3, $4 & $5

Perhaps this could be one of the threads to be accounted for:

Yes, but there is also a more general approach as pointed out by @ohrenkino in the linked topic. It involves a Quick Action Format tag field for field ARTIST using a format string like

$replace($regexp($regexp(%artist%,'^([^_]+)_','$1 Ft. '),'_([^_]+)$',' & $1'),'_',', ')

The basic idea is that the part before the first underscore ^([^_]+)_ is captured in $1 and separated using Ft.. The part after the last underscore _([^_]+)$ is captured in $1 and separated using &. All remaining underscores are replaced by ,

Thank you so much! That last formula worked out just perfect!!!

Now finally, is there a way to save these formulas with in the program for faster reference rather than coming back to this thread to copy and past them?


You can create dedicated Action Groups for the individual tasks and apply them either via the action groups window or from the Actions menu.

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