Question on TPE2 Tag


I'm looking for help with MP3Tag's common names to ID3V2.4 frames. Is there a document/URL that describes the mappings? I'd be happy to create one, with validation from the developers.

The reason I bring this up:

According to the WMA spec, WMP maps "Album Artist" to TPE2. The ID3v2 site describes TPE2 being for the Band/Orchestra. "Album Artist" hasn't been present up through v2.26, but it's showing up in v2.26e. The tag "Band" isn't recognized by other tag software.

So...1) Does MP3Tag map "Album Artist" to the TPE2 frame? 2) What does "Band" map to? 3) What tag should I use for the TPE4 frame? and 4) How do I create an MCDI frame from the freedb DISCID?




I don't think MP3Tag has an "Album Artist" frame, but I might be wrong.

"BAND" is mapped to TPE2.

TPE4 is mapped to "MIXARTIST" in MP3Tag.

No idea. :slight_smile:


Hi Jeremy,

This frame is not supported by the library I'm using for writing ID3v2 tags.

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~ Florian


Quick followup:

WMA files use "Album Artist" and MP3 files use "Band".

For all of my compilations, artist represents the actual artist while "album artist" is set to Various Artists or Classical Collections.

The quick solution was an action to set Album Artist equal to Band and write both to all of my files.