Question Regarding Mass Tagging + Write Error


I'm mass tagging about 85,000 files; well, most of them already have tags, but apparently not the kind of tags that work, c'est la vie. I realize it'll be clunky and bad and most of them will use the track title instead of the correct tag, but I just want to get rid of 'Untitled Track' in my musicplayer, and was recommended MP3Tag.

I'd just let it go to work, but here are my issues:

  • After loading all the music, I go to Filename - Tag, and enter the following: %track%\\%title% Is this the correct operand?
  • Regardless, I get an error that some tracks cannot be written to - all tracks are read/write capable and under admin possession. However - I don't mind that so much;
  • The problem comes from the dialogue that pops up afterwards, offering me a chance of continuing or aborting. How do I tell it to continue, ignoring all files that can't be written?
  • The reason is, I've 'completed' the process twice, and there are only about 1800 files that do not process.
  • However, at the end of EVERY time, I am alerted to a lack of memory, despite having oodles of it freed up, no programs running in the background, and so on. Any guess as to what could be causing that?

So we're on the same page, I'm trying to 1: Tag a large amount of files with 2: The least hassle possible and 3: Tell MP3tag to just tag what it can while 4: Avoiding, and preferably figuring out what - whether it's my end, MP3tag 2.66, or some third factor, is causing the memory error.

Thank you for your time!

You should check the files that refuse to ge written to with some of the diagnostic programs like mp3val or mp3diags or foobar2000.
Also: do not let WMP run at the same time - this may block files.
As MP3tag is a 32bit program, you do not have more than the odd 3GB of memory to address. If that is used up, you get a memory error. Those 85000 files are somewhere around the limits, depending mainly on tag size.

As to the convert function:
With that mask you import the track number from the folder name and the TITLE from the filename. I have no clue if that is correct as it depends on your local data structure. Show a real filename if you need help.

Vielen Dank!

They cleared foobar, and I definitely don't have that clunker - WMP - or anything besides the usual essential processes - running at the same time. My current free space is about 6GB running in the background, so I'm kind of lost there - but I'm going to try again this weekend, and perhaps it was simple bad luck.

Here is a sample of my conversion:

C:Albums\Agalloch - Marrow of the Spirit\01 they escaped the weight of darkness.mp3

Also, an idea occurred to me. Is there a way to simply 'standardize' tags? Given that almost everything I have is tagged, but it just doesn't seem to work in my current media player, perhaps that would be a more efficient solution?

I try to guess what is behind that data:
%artist% - %album%\%track% %title%

I do not know what you mean by "standardizing" as the standard is the V1 or V2 standard for mp3 tags...
It could be, though, that your player does not now how to deal with certain tag versions like V2.4 (which - again - WMP does not use).
Oh, yes BTW: WMP is only one of the blocking programs. The Explorer can also block your files when it tries to update the thumbs.db. So it is best not to let the explorer watch the music folder while you update files.

Mp3Tag is a 32 bit program. 32bit programs in aWindows 64 bit sytem make use of the WoW64 (Windows 32-bit on Windows 64-bit) subsystem, which can only adress up to 4GB of memory. So even if you have 64bit-Windows and maybe 16 GB RAM your mp3tag is limited to this 4 GB.
How much memory your 80.000 mp3s need in Mp3Tag depends of the size of the embedded tags and cannont be defined precisely.

I don't load more than 40.000 mp3s in Mp3Tag because loading more often resulted in your mentioned memory failure.

The NTFS-File-system of windows has a limitation of the length of the path (260 characters).
So with your naming and sorting mask and very long names for artist, album and title it can easyly happen that your path exceeds this limits and Mp3Tag will report that it cannot write the file.